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October 22, 2012

Today I felt back to “normal” whatever that means… I was able to teach class and then go to the gym, I really needed that release… I felt so much better… It also made me remember the importance of keeping a journal on hand to keep mental notes and write my food logs and workouts down. I drank all my water for the day and remained balanced and mentally present. I was energized and happy without any stimulants (coffee is my habit but I am trying to cut down, I found that if I have my fresh fruits and veggies I don’t even need it). At times I need to remember how important it is to maintain a healthy way of life not only to be fit, but to align all aspects of my life and stay focused.


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As much as I love weekends because I can spend time enjoying my family, I am relieved when Monday arrives.  Getting back into the swing of things makes me feel better. It makes me focused, organized and overall just more present. During the week I stay pretty busy with my husband, son, teaching, going to moms groups, keeping up with my friends, and staying healthy.  Although being busy is exhausting, it keeps my mind steady and I’m just saying, that as much as I hate to see the weekend go I love to see a fresh week start! Opportunities for less distractions, opportunities for growth, opportunities to make a difference and above all the chance to be the best person I can be one moment at a time.  Bring on Monday I’m ready.