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Today was one of those days that can be disguised as a bad day but through who’s lens? “Bad day” is such an abstract word that can mean virtually anything. Was it really a bad day or was a day that was filled with brighter sides and learning experiences?  My students may have gained some insight on the persuasive speeches that were given, my body may have benefited from the weight training session, my son may have learned his lesson on not to touch red chillies and having time to myself this evening may teach me a different side of myself. 

As I sit here I reflect on my day and think to myself what could I have done today that would have made me a better person? Everyday I struggle with this question and think what purpose does today serve? I strive for understanding of what everything means but everyday it is the same answer; there is no answer. Everyday is what you make of it. Everyday is what you think of it. I tell myself that tomorrow is a new day and I will start off fresh, but what was wrong with today?

I wonder if anyone else ever thinks that there must be more to life then the mundane living… but is it mundane or can I be living each and every moment of my life to the fullest just by being present? I have practiced yoga for many years now and I can’t help but remember what drew me in so quickly. It wasn’t the lean body look, it wasn’t the cool clothes, it wasn’t the overachieving head stands that I would one day master; it was the peaceful meditation and what being present actually means. It means to be living. It means to be present. It means to be alive. 

If I keep these ideas in my mind it helps me to stay humble, stay focused and above all stay grateful. 


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The Power of the Mind

Yesterday and today have been very blessed days. First let me begin by saying the mind is the most powerful organ in the body. I believe that if one changes their mindset their life will change (common presumption) but so hard to live by on a day to day basis!

If one truly believes in themselves no matter what it is one can achieve it. Sometimes goals seem unreachable and that may seem like a road block, however keeping the mind focused day by day, hour by hour and sometimes even minute by minute fuels the fire to personal achievement.
Personally, my mind gets distracted continuously. When I stop and think of the big picture, that is my life, I am grateful and blessed for I am able to keep my goals alive.

I would like to share an example. One of my greatest hobbies is health and fitness, perhaps because I feel the urgency to prolong my life and make the best of it as long as I can (my mother passed when I was a child and keeping healthy has been engrained into my psyche). Anyhow, my dedication to health and fitness has brought individuals in my life who ask for my help, tell me I inspire them, ask for advice; and I am not even a professional in the field! Although, I already have my career (communication professor) it baffles me how much positive energy I receive from the health and fitness endeavor. It simply reinforces that if I think positively about my life or certain things no matter what they are, marriage, family, career, travels, hobbies, goals etc I can and will make it happen!

Everyone’s mind works the same way! The power is within the mind!